Reflection On Group Work

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Chanheng He
HRER 433
Iva Vurdelja
December. 15th, 2016
Reflective Journal
We do group works all the time either in a class project or work assignment. One thing I like about this class is its ability to apply the theory we learn in class into real-life work and to reflect on things we usually won’t think twice about. I have three expectations for this class: 1. How to utilize the advantages of the team member and use it toward the best interest of the team.? 2. How to be a team leader? 3. Does different teams requires different efforts and characteristics or is there one universal formula that works wonder on all kinds of team? My goal is that I can feel more comfortable and more confident in the future when I participate in group processes.
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It is an online class and it requires tons of group work with all the people I don’t know. The signup process is very random and there is no guarantee in if the group will group not to mention the group dynamic. And as a result, the group project did not turn out good. Group members are frustrated with each other, with the project and with the class. I was very frustrated too and I realize couple problems here. First of all, we were not communicating enough. For a group of people who don’t know each other, we didn’t even introduce ourselves. And for the incoming project, we didn’t have a good system to delegate the work properly. We just though each person can take over one week’s paper and presentation on behalf of the group. And when it actually happens, we all blamed at the person when we got a low grade that week. But this is a group work. Everyone should pitch in ideas and be responsible for this. There should be a system to check the work and only submit it if the entire group agrees to it. There is no cooperation and it is a total disaster. The second problem I spotted is that there is no group leader. I think we all try to be cool and does not want to be too bossy at first. But it ended up with a group of people don’t have any directions and don’t’ know what they should do. It is not even a functional group. So, I realize that even in an equal ranking group, there should be a leader giving clear instructions…show more content…
And we all find out somethings we don’t know about each other and we realize we formed a very diverse group in many perspectives such as work industries, job descriptions, life experiences, beliefs and personalities. And with the human resources in this group, we can help with each other a lot in this project. One thing that made our team effective was a clear unity of purpose. Each objective presented to us was broken down and discussed freely within the group until each team member had a clear idea of the objective and their own responsibilities in the project. Being an effective team we also delegated our part of work without any problems and we decide to work in a very transparent working environment which means sharing all information on time. So, others can check the progress of one’s work as well as giving feedback and suggestions. We also encouraged a very comfortable and informal working atmosphere on our team. There was no unnecessary stress on anyone, which help everyone feel interested and involved. We often held in person open discussion prior to the class and if a team member is missing, we would email him/her to fill him/her in
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