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In today’s modern literature many books are moving towards the genre of science fiction. Science fiction is a genre that envelopes a reader to imagine countless possibilities within the book. This is why authors are starting to sway in favor of this genre. A prominent yet imaginative example would be the book Contact by Carl Sagan. The books tile screams science fiction in a way that this book gives an example of how science fiction is used. Many key points are needed in order for a book to be classified as science fiction like having a futuristic timeline/setting, time/space travel and having aliens/robots/mutants. Contact by Carl Sagan incorporates space travel and utilizes science fictions most desired characters, aliens. The book joins in the genre of science fiction because of it utilization of space and use of extraterrestrials. It conveys the reader an excellent message about how precious life is. While Contact is a science fiction book that takes a realistic spin on how real world issues affect someone who will do anything to help prove it right and show the world about it.
In Contact the society is neither utopian nor dystopian in which the main character lives in. Since it is neither it more or else resembles dystopian is very little ways. The society is almost as similar to ours in a way because of its realistic spin of the novel. All of the problems found in the book are present even today. Some of the problems in this timeline resemble real problems on Earth like poverty, environmental damage, financial issues and religion. A great factor of difference in the book is how religion is portrayed against the ethics of meeting aliens and the possibility "Yes, Satan. I've heard some talk about that. It sounds crazy. Let's ...

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...out. I mistrust the scientists because the scientists mistrust everything."(Sagan, 174). People doubt scientists because of their means of trying to do everything to prove that it is right or wrong. Scientists back up everything real and expose the truth and if people start believing false accusations of scientists then the world may fall apart from false news. If society ever needed to become better the first step is to have faith in others.

After all human kind learns from its mistakes and it will learn again of how something big was massively interpreted the wrong way. If something as religion had not stood in the way maybe then people would have understood the science behind everything and believe that humans are not the only beings in the universe. If only society will learn to have faith and trust in people to believe what others say.

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