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The establishment of the State of Israel was one of the greatest feats in modern Jewish history. However, with the establishment of the state, a new nation was born. Because of this, there was a lot of writing that would describe how new Jews, and old Jews Interacted with each other. In addition, many Zionist writings were written at the time, and people were writing abut the Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews. Each of these topics has a tremendous effect on our generation, because they fueled movements that tried to change the views of the Jewish people. In the Story Dr. Schmidt, by Moshe Shamir we find many instances when the author talks about old and new Jews, Zionism, and how he fills the gap between Ashkenazi and Mizeachi Jews.
In the Story Dr. Schmidt, we find a lot of symbolism that relates to the new Jew. First of all, the son Shalom represents the new Jew. We see this through Dr. Schmidt’s stories about his son who became a soldier in the Israeli army (Shamir 153). Because of this, we can tell that he is a new Jew. However, there are times when Dr. Schmidt acts as an old Jew. We can see that, because he describes his sons uniform as “his pale forehead hidden under a silly pointed hat”(Shamir 153). Because Dr. Schmidt calls it a silly hat, we can conclude that he doesn’t take the army seriously. In addition, one can also make an assumption, that Dr. Schmidt is not proud of his sons service, but thinks it’s a waste of his time. This shows that Dr. Schmidt is thinking like an old Jew in this situation. In addition, the story talks about how the relationship between the son and his parents is not good. This could be from all the fighting that they had. one reason for the fighting, could be because the new Jew and the old Jews have ...

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...shke Bezprozvani is a poor man, this is also just like the couple in Dr. Schmidt. The Yemenite Jews must find away to find a place in society so they can contribute ands start a better life for themselves.
Israel was a very hard place to live when it first was established. We often found sickness, which caused many families to start over again. Because of this, there were many authors who expressed their feelings during this time. This can be seen this in the story Dr. Schmidt. In this story, it is clear that there are a lot of old and new Jews, topics relating to Zionism, and a gap between Ashkenazi Jews and Yemenite Jews. These topics have helped readers relate to these stories, and motivate them to live a better life. This is why the state of Israel has been so successful in its short life. The drive to succeed has shaped the State of Israel for the better.
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