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Green Day is an American punk rock band formed in 1987. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt, drummer Tré Cool and guitarist and backing vocalist Jason White. Green Day is one of the worlds best-selling groups of all time, selling over 75 million albums worldwide. They are best knowen for their realease of the song "American Idiot" on September 20th 2004 which can be found on their "American Idiot" Album. American Idiot quickly became popular worldwide and created a lot of contrivercy because people believe that it is anti-American due to its title and harsh sarcastic comments throughout the song. However, if you pay attention to the lyrics you may see that in many ways the song is highly patriotic.

Green Day began in the town of Rodeo, California, just 15 miles north of Berkeley. There, ten-year-old Billie Joe Armstrong and Michael Pritchardin met in their school cafeteria. Neither of them had had a good home life. When Billie Joel Armstrong was ten his father passed away, fragmenting his family. Armstrong found solace in his new friend and in music. He used music as an escape from his everyday life. Dirnt, was born into a family who abused drugs, and because of that he was soon adopted by a Native American mother and father who divorced when he was seven. When his mom moved north when Dirnt was 15, causing Dirnt to moved in with fellow band member Billie Joe Armstrong. The harsh life that these boys had to deal with growing up made them very aware of serious political issues and what's happening in the world, and it shows in their music.

The most well known member for Green Day is Billie Joe Armstrong mainly because he composes all of Green day's songs ...

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...eryday life. Green day makes us really reflect on our everyday lives and makes us dig deep to see if we ourselves are letting the media tell us what kind of person we should be. We are all guilty of losing ourselves, or trying to change ourselves to try and fit in better socially at some points at our lives, weather its in school, our job or our personal life. We are constantly seeking to be accepted by our peers to feel loved, and it's sad that we would go to the extreme of changing who they truly are just to seek this acceptance without even noticing we are doing it. I feel some people did find this song offensive because it is very straight forward, harsh and honest. There is no beating around the bush with the message potrayed in this song. Billie Joe Armstrong is telling us that we are a brainwashed generation and are turning into complete idiots because of it.
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