Using Science to Understand God

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In this day, there continues to be a great deal of hostility promoted from the pulpits, the media, and visible scientists around the world in the area of science and religion. Some preachers suggest to their congregations that science is evil and opposed to morality and belief in God. Some visible scientists suggest that religion is an out-of-date mythological belief system that opposes progress and enslaves people to a lifestyle that brings them harm. The media seems to take delight in vilifying religion and promoting the inconsistencies of those who claim to be religious.

Why do so many otherwise good believers in God and otherwise good believers in science get caught up in the science versus religion debate? Science is science, and religion is religion. Creationism is neither. Using bad science to back up bad literal Biblical translations is not scientific and not religious. How religious or scientific are you really when you have to use crap science (lies) to back up your religion? How religious or scientific are you really when you have to deny the facts of good science to support your religion. I don't see how changing the way you think about the Bible when science gives you a good reason to do so makes you any less or any worse of a Christian. In fact, I think it makes you a better Christian.

Some scientists will tell you that discovering things about the Earth does not mean that God didn't create it. And some scientist will tell you that discovering things about the nature of the Earth does not prove that God doesn’t exist. A lot of religious scholars can tell you the same thing. Both will tell you that if God loves us as much as the Bible says so, then He doesn't want us to forever remain ignorant. If you find things in the Bible and read them literally to justify your refusal to use the reasoning abilities that God has so graciously provided for you (the same reasoning used in science), then you are the one going against God, not the scientists.

Science is a gift from God to help us understand the world around us. Those who seek to unlock the secrets of the natural world around us through science are being led by God. Exploring our natural world to gain a greater understanding of it and to find better uses for the things around us is what God wants us to do.
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