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    Hamza Allawala UGS 303-Bollywood & India Crime & Poverty in Bollywood Films Research Paper Depending on the social settings and the intentions of the directors, movies have been produced to depict varying occurrences in a society. Sometimes, the movies are used to pass particular message to the audience through motion pictures or a series of still image projected on a screen. Over the years, the production of movies has become a multibillion industry since they provide stimulating experience and

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    Bollywood is the overall film industry in India, which originates from Mumbai. It is a celebration of all that makes India a beautiful country. It brings people together with music and dancing, loves stories and heartbreak. Bollywood is to India as football is to America. It is part of what defines it and its’ people. Bollywood is in fact the world’s largest producer of film. The film giant produces over 800 films a year, and shows no intent to slow down. Bollywood’s top grossing film in 2014, so

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    by Ram Gopal Varma, produced by Chiranjeevi Pedamallu. The lead roles in this film are Aamir Khan (Munna), Urmila Matondkar (Mili Joshi) and Jackie Shroff (Raj Kamal). The music composer of this film is A.R Rahman, who was making a debut in the Bollywood film industry. The film included seven songs from the remarkable singers such as Udit Narayan, Asha Bhosle, Hariharan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Suresh Wadkar, Swarnalatha, Chitra, Shweta Shetty and A.R Rahman. Overall, the film is renowned for Urmila

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    Bollywood movies are very popular for the “Romance” portrayed in their plot. Romance in Bollywood has evolved throughout the ages. But the one thing, that has remained constant are the unofficial and official ban on any depiction that may suggest something which is not a part of the “Indian” culture. Westernization was always shown as something negative and alien. Let’s have a closer look at how Hindi cinema deals with this censorship code that has been set up. Bollywood adopted a new way to

  • Amir Khan In Bollywood: The Mr. Perfect Of Bollywood

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    faithfulness the Bollywood is dream fulfilling place where one can get fame, money and shining career. The Top Ten persons with these capabilities are going to be discussed here. Actually the rank is based on their involvement in the continuous movies, the condition is that these movies should be hit in box office. Now a days, dance has been made a compulsory element for incoming actors. While versatility is also of main concern. Rank goes up and down time to time. So the Top Ten Bollywood actors of Bollywood

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    The Bollywood industry is one of the largest industries in India and the films that are produced there, are widely viewed in all parts of the world (Sidhu). However, even though the Bollywood industry has become more popular and branched out to appeal to audiences outside of India, it (has brought with it some problems as well.) is also problematic. It is problematic because there is a vast divide in the a lack of representation of queer women and female sexuality in Bollywood cinema. (,) In comparison

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    Bollywood cinema encompasses a variety of genres. It’s superior ability to create a connection between all strata’s of viewers gives us a reason to explore the hidden representations in Bollywood cinema. Not long after India regained its independence, a new era of Indian Cinema began. This era put forth heart wrenching movies, filled with patriotic messages and a very clean concept of national progress. The main concept of the nation-state was integrated in almost every Hindi cinema that was created

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    Bollywood- is the term used to define the Indian film industry. The word is derived from India’s popular mainstream city of Bombay. Bollywood, along with Hollywood, is one of the largest movie industries of the world. In fact, they are one of the top two movie industries. The industry began producing movies exponentially in the 1940’s and is continually growing to this day. Indian Cinema uses as its’ backdrop love stories, issues of the community, politics, and religion. The basic scheme of an Indian

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    Hindi targeted at a larger audience, commonly known as mainstream movies or Bollywood films, employ a different grammar of filmmaking than that is used in so-called sensible or parallel cinema while representing or portraying different aspects and sections of society, race, culture, gender and class. In this paper, I try to focus on the representations of Caucasian characters, or the white, in popular Hindi cinema, or Bollywood films, and try to assess how they are introduced, perceived and represented

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    periods and how several historical events have impacted the Bollywood industry. Moreover, once a general idea of how Bollywood development through time is explained, we will then establish why the Bollywood industry is unique and different from any other film industry in the world. This will also include the different factors which have influenced the Bollywood industry. Lastly, this paper will demonstrate how the modernization of Bollywood has had an impact on India. The approach of this paper will

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    If you are a big fan of Bollywood and you spend your free time researching on it, you must have fantasized once in your life to become the part of one of the biggest industry of the world. If you want to make your dream come true you must have to read this article because, in this article, we will tell you about various ways to join the big industry. This industry has provided us with many big stars which have the fan following from all over the world. Being an actor is not very easy you have to

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    cinema. The practice of watching Hindi fiction film creates a unified consciousness among Indians in an “imagined community”, such that they perceive themselves as belonging to a particular identity (Anderson 1983: 35, 70). The mainstream ‘All-India’ Bollywood film transcends regional divides and seeks to define and celebrate a modern national identity, a theme created in the wake of independence (Rajadhyaksha 1997: 681). Beloved by all, the Mumbai film industry intends to reflect the shared tropes and

  • Modern Bollywood, A Decade Old: Bollywood and the Colonial Censorship

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    Introduction This essay explains the journey of Bollywood (Indian Film Industry) and how it has changed itself and its audience’s perspective on Hindi Cinema. Applying the key features from Dennis McQuail’s “Normative Theory”, the relationship between Bollywood and the audience, controlled by the censorship board will be explained; and how both, the Bollywood industry and Censor Board are responsible for bringing changes to each other in the terms of rules, regulations, audience’s attitudes and their

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    Hybrid Identities and Origins of Bollywood Dance The lights lifted and the music came on, revealing and moving two dancers, both dressed in native Indian clothing. Their pants were loose around the legs and tight around the ankles and the dancers wore headpieces that draped down their back. This dance can be recognized immediately as the style of Bollywood. “Bollywood” is a popular term that describes the Hindi language film industry located in Mumbai, India. The unique features of popular Hindi

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    score. Bollywood is the Indian Hollywood, and is very large compared to Hollywood. Bollywood, on the other hand, has scores that mainly consist of songs. The scores for Indian films are considered filmi or masala film. Bollywood still has the underscore when a songs in not being performed. Many times during the songs, the singers are not in the scene but are dubbing over the scene in their own voices. These items songs are the strength of Bollywood, and have caused a lot of diversity. Bollywood and

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    Bollywood movies to must have in list to watch: Bollywood movies are such a kind of excitement, to the point that enthralls individuals of India and also as far and wide as possible for quite a long time. It has provides for us most valuable, essential bits of specialty ever those we can look the same number of time as we need. Possibly the best effect of Bollywood has been on patriotism in India itself, where nearby rest of Indian film, it has been able to be part and heap of the 'Indian story'

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    Applicability and Exemplification of Hollywood Stylistics in Bollywood Film Music Throughout history, ethnomusicologists have regarded film music as a multi-faceted field, and it has been accredited with purposes that range in functionality: from serving as ornamental, background music to operating as a pivotal progressor of the narrative and its drama. The latter of these purposes, however, seem to dominate the intention of Bollywood film music, as the music and dance arrangements reserve approximately

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    When one thinks of Bollywood films, William Shakespeare is the last person to come to mind. In fact, for many, Shakespeare wouldn’t come to mind at all. Singing and dancing with elaborate costumes and complex storylines, Bollywood films seem to have nothing in common with the Western portrayal of Shakespeare’s plays. Until recently, the themes of the most beloved plays, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, A Comedy of Errors, to name a few, have been adapted and recreated in Bollywood films without any

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    Bollywood has always represented the mood of India. The movie goers of India often say, if you want to see how India is feeling, just randomly pick up a few movies and you will get a taste of India. The “Muslim male”, often misrepresented and thus misunderstood, is an interesting character in relation to the industry because it portrays the ever changing face of the nation since the independence of the country. As India has grown and transformed into an independent nation, so has the character and

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    genres, this paper will be primarily focusing on Bollywood which may at times be referred to as Hindi films or masala films. In this paper I will be discussing how western influences are existent in film advertisement, film settings and brand placement in Hindi films and how these influence have all attributed to the westernization of Bollywood films. In order to understand how these three factors have attributed to the westernization of Bollywood films, I will provide historical background on India