Youth in Nazi Germany

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Youth in Nazi Germany

[IMAGE] Germany was in one of its strongest stances for nearly 20

years. It was this that Hitler wanted to capitalise on for the future

of Nazi Germany and by doing this they need to take advantage of the

young people as they are the next generation of Nazis. Using the ideas

of Social Darwinism they Nazis decided that only the most strongest

and ruthless should survive. This was to be the Aryan race. How was

Hitler supposed to tackle such a massive task? Would it work? And what

effects would it have? The Nazis would have to brainwash the German

youth in every possible way. So they did, they took over the lives of

the German children, and run them for them. If Hitler wanted his

anticipated 1000-year regime to succeed the future generations were

the children. To get people on your side you need to get them on your

side when they are young, Younger people are far easier to influence

than when they are adults. This is because the younger you are the

more you believe other people as they are more dependant on them, and

the younger generations look up to the older generations who lead by

example to make the younger people the perfect Nazis.

One of the main areas the youth were influenced was at school where

Nazi teachers taught them. There they were taught to adore the Nazis,

Hitler and Germany.

97% of teachers joined the Nazi teachers organisation, but the 3% that

did were sacked and put into re-education camps. The 97% that joined

the new teachers association had to go to a 6-week course to learn the

Nazi way to teach that would shroud the children's minds with Nazism

continually, which resulted in slowly brainwashing them. This is what

taught teachers to make the perfect Nazis.

Boys spent a lot of the time (15%) doing physical education, which

included skills like hunting, camping and shooting. It wasn't really

like education it more like military training for children so they
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