Brainwashing Essays

  • Cult Conversion: Freewill Or Brainwashing?

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    response to advanced coercion, or “brainwashing” techniques employed by the cult leaders. The concept of brainwashing came into popular existence in the 1950’s as the result of attempts to try and explain the behaviour of some American GI’s who defected to the Communists during the Korean War (19 Oct 1999). Many people, including some professionals, found brainwashing to be an acceptable explanation for the otherwise unexplainable behaviour. However, the brainwashing theory did nothing to explain why

  • Reaction to Film Brainwashing 101

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    interviewers for comic relief are sprung on unsuspecting university officials. Subtle visual effects, such as student Charles Mitchell sitting with an American flag blanket behind him are used. Ultimately, what happened in the editing process of ‘Brainwashing 101’ is a complete unknown. Farhenhype 911 demonstrated how Michael Moore had edited President Bush’s address to the “haves, and have mores”, when in fact, the setting was a charity benefit at which Al Gore was also present. Given the style of

  • Holocaust

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    of negative connotation? What about the association it had with the holocaust, would it then be considered negative? Did the Nazis use the role of propaganda overtly? Propaganda played an extremely crucial part in the Nazi’s rise of power, the brainwashing of the Germans to hating and ultimately killing the Jews. What is being discussed is the power of persuasion and how it is used through various forms of media to gain a stronger anti-Semitic than they had already had. The anti-Semitism that was

  • George Orwell's Animal Farm and Napoleon's Power

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    education and knowledge to obtain and maintain power, as well as his ability to defeat the resistant feelings in other animals. To obtain and maintain power Napoleon uses various degrees of manipulation. He also uses persuasion and propaganda, brainwashing techniques and violence to help him obtain and maintain power. Napoleon maintains power by elevating himself over the other animals, and taking on the characteristics of man. Through these processes, Orwell is trying to convey simply the message

  • A Dream with Deceit

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    the media, have a vast influence over the people that the "American Dream" targets. The power that the media has over the general population is strong, influencing society's ideals and view of the "American Dream" through methods equivalent to brainwashing. Society continues to uphold a destructive "American Dream," giving people a false perception of success and ignoring the reality of limited opportunity that exists today. Society has imposed the "American Dream" on individuals for as long as

  • Advertisers Sell Images Not Products

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    The definition of advertising is outdated. It was previously, to endorse a product and praise goodness to induce the public to buy. They are now brainwashing consumers to buy their products using images to sell the product. The advertiser’s aim is to make the product look as good as it can through an attractive image. There are statistics, which I obtained from a Dolly Magazine, 16th May 2000, which proves that one out of four people in Australia buy a product because of the image shown in the advertisment

  • A Civil Rebuttal

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    I was deeply saddened at your comments in the oppression and restriction to what I may or may not strive to think. As a pacifist and non- sadist, I call what you believe in as ‘ingraining or indoctrination', whereas our own society may call it ‘brainwashing'. Our human nature gives us freedom, as does the Constitution. It guarantees us the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Within the refines of this home, I find it a task to see those liberties granted. Here is a few of the world's

  • The Handmaids Tale - Social Situation

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    passport in reverse) which immobilises them, in contrast to the winged male eye which is the state symbol. Then they are re-educated at the so called Red-centre, the name emphasises female sexuality and how they are taught there can be linked with brainwashing. They are told how lucky they should feel because they have been saved from the primitive and cruel outside world where women are being raped and maltreated. Other things they learn are numerous sayings and mottos of the Red-centre like "Pen

  • Misconceptions of African American life

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    or by having no other choice. In the process, however, their very own culture, beauty, beliefs, traditions, etc., often get trampled upon or even forgotten as they either struggle to keep up or struggle to stay up. More then not, though, this “brainwashing” of sorts results in a “miseducation” of the African-American people that often leads to widespread misunderstandings about them. These misunderstandings can then lead to various forms of stereotypes aimed against African-Americans by whites or

  • Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes

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    intentional manipulation of public opinion through hidden messages in advertisements and other media functions. Thus, propaganda uses many techniques to be able to deliver theses hidden messages to the public and influence their opinion. Fear, brainwashing, name calling, glittering generality, misinformation and much more are some of the techniques that propaganda uses to influence and manipulate the opinions of the majority. Propaganda finds the usefulness of stereotypes in the fact that it’s easy

  • The Contradictory Nature of Soft Determinism

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    that the agent do what it pleased; the soft determinists simply ignore the question of whether the agent was in control of the sources that caused the actions. Holmstrom’s theory was that “just because some causes of desires and beliefs, such as brainwashing, make actions resulting from them unfree, it does not follow that any cause of desires and beliefs has the same implications for the freedom of actions resulting from them.” (Abel, 321) Holmstrom believed that the notion of having control is the

  • Religious Cults - A Threat to Society?

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    like many other groups, attempt to expand their influence for the purposes of power or money. However, to achieve these ends, destructive cults employ a potent mixture of influence and deception over members and new recruits. Using methods such as brainwashing, thought reform, and mind control. A successful conversion into a destructive cult removes a person's former identity and replaces it with a new one. This is where the new member accepts all of the beliefs of his new group and a new identity is

  • George Orwell's 1984: Some Prophecies Have Come True

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    parallels present day society in the U.S. in many ways. Yet at the same time, the novel falls short---certain prophecies have yet to come true. The story 1984 predicted many truths about present day society, truths such as illegal prostitution, brainwashing, and personal identification were predictions expressed in the book that have come true today. In the story, prostitution was illegal and in present day society it is very much illegal. Within the novel, during newspeak, thought criminals spoke

  • Brainwashing Analysis

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    Conformity and Commitment as Ensured Through 'Brainwashing' or as the Result of Normal Processes of Socialisation” (International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice 44, no. 1 (2016): 103-121). Coates article discusses ‘brainwashing’ within NRMs and echoes analyses by Olson, Richardson and Van Driel, and Immergut to show that the terms ‘cult’ and ‘NRM’ elicit different responses from the public. Coates argues that ‘cult’ conjures images of brainwashing which Coates describes as “dependency inducing

  • Brainwashing Is Bad

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    definition, brainwashing means to make (someone) adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure. In today’s society, I believe that there are many different examples of brainwashing, and I believe that today's social media and government are guilty of brainwashing the people. There are many examples of how the government and social media steer the youth and society’s views on different things. In this essay, I will be going over a few examples of brainwashing and how

  • Brainwashing In 1984

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    Brainwashing is the best way to lead a successful society. At least in the novel, 1984. The Party, which was the government in 1984 was the main force that controlled the people. Not only did the society in 1984 promote brainwashing, but so did the U.S. 1984 is like today’s society in the way the U.S. government implements surveillance and censorship in order to brainwash people There once was a warm caring leader. In fact, he possessed the traits of a guardian and a protector. This majestic figure

  • A Comparison And Contrast In Both A's Worn By Hester And Dimmesdale

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    interpretation of the extremity of her sins is one of self composure and nonchalantness. She views her sins solely as a "violation in the natural order" of the environment and therefore cannot even perceive her sin as being evil except through outside brainwashing. While Dimmesdale's personal interpretation as to the extremity of his own sins is a "violation of God's law," which is the law that he is totally dedicated to and supported by. Dimmesdale's interpretation of his sin is much more severe than Hester's

  • Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky

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    Journal on The Manufacture of Consent In Noam Chomsky's film I have learned quite a few things about life in a democratic society. This film has made think in a three dimensional way for whom is really right, Noam Chomsky or those who he calls "Elites". I have come to the conclusion that Noam Chomsky is right, for his claim is very convincing which is that the media is controlled by the elites who determine what the public should know. How exactly does Chomsky prove all this to make sense?

  • Free College Essays - Othello and Honesty

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    although there is very little honesty actually present in the play the term is most commonly applied to Iago, who also happens to be the most dishonest character in Othello.  Due partly to the other characters naiveté, Iago is capable of manipulating, brainwashing, and molding the other characters to satisfy his need for revenge against Othello. Iago would most commonly be referred to as dishonest, however beyond that he is also downright amoral and uses other’s weaknesses to manipulate them into doing

  • Media Manipulation

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    magazines, newspaper, television, and films – informs those exposed as to their roles in society and their culture. Advertising has but one purpose: to sell a product or service or to promote a political figure by any and all means necessary including brainwashing the general public. Companies try to make the consumer aware of its product and convince the world that its product is better than that of the competitor as seen with the war between McDonalds and Burger King restaurants. This misuse of triggering