Young Adults Today Essay

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Our young adults today, are bombarded with numerous challenges. What can you do to help them encounter these obstacles and come up shining on the other side? What factors contribute to efficaciously disabling the ample hurdles that are thrown at our young adults today? Let’s discover together some of these life trials that many young adults meet today. More specifically, we will look into economic challenges, the peril of not having an established support network, and even the potential risks of not following God and how this can adversely affect how out young adults respond when faced with challenges. First, let’s consider the economic challenges that young adults face today. Most people would agree that young adults suffer the most with our current economic circumstances. With the rising costs of attending college many young adults ponder not…show more content…
Young adults from such backgrounds may lack the support that is indispensable for their success. The National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability says “Families play an important role in helping youth envision a future for themselves that is rooted in high expectations and thoughtful planning. All youth need the support of their families and other caring adults as they transition into adulthood.” Although this is directly geared towards young adults with disabilities, it can be applied to all individuals. Families need to support their youth as they prepare to face the challenges a young adult experiences. The NCWD gives several steps we as adults can take to help our young adults; maintain high expectations, remain involved in their life, help them access information, take an active role in transition planning , and help youth access networks of personal and professional contacts. These may seem like miniscule tasks to you, but to your loved one this form of support is
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