Annotated Bibliography Of A College Education Is Worth The Costs

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Annotated bibliography
Smith, Rodney K. "Column: Yes, a College Education Is worth the Costs." USA Today News, 06 Dec. 2011. Web. Nov 2. 2015.
Rodney K. Smith’s mere opinion of his publication is that children with a higher level are more like to secure a job rather than those with no or little education. His view is upheld by the statistics of bureau that gives a clear statistics of the percentage of the salary earned by students with higher education and that of lower education. This makes his claim more reliable and credible because the bureau of labor and statistics is a reputable institution in the United States that deals with the percentage of people who work in United State. Smith’s own personal anecdote appeals to the feelings of the audience in which it ignites them with feelings of possibility.

Braxton, Richard J. "Managing the Unemployment Tsunami: Education and Workforce Development." The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning 7.2 (2011): 66-70.
Richard J. Braxton is a Ph.D., Director, at Innovation Center –Index Shared Services. The aim of his article is to understand the problem of youth unemployment in the Gulf Cooperation Council region and how best the government can critically address this issue. He gave several options that can be clear solution to the problem. His emphasized that the GCC countries need to adopt effective training and development programs to provide the unemployed youth with the knowledge, skills, and abilities in order for them to compete for job vacancies.. The article also gave many facts elaborating more on the issue, so that his audience gets more interested and engaged in the topic. The articles outlines so many important steps to be considered by the government, and...

... middle of paper ... from 18 and older and an online survey in order to determine what people felt about college education. At the end of the survey they realize that a majority of the people felt that college education is worth their investment and a few felt it was not worth but rather costly, due to the debt they had to pay after their college degree. The article also emphasized that it is high time the government finds ways and means to cut the cost of college tuition so that people can changed their minds of not continuing with their education. The source contributes to my essay in a way that it gives the readers the idea to why people may or may not value college education. The information in the article is accurate and reliable because pew research center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world.

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