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Case Study #5: Yuma Puma Energy Drink: "The Price is Heating Up" Group 3: Tracy Brown, Ryan Jones, Robert Putnam, Tom Stevenson Fall 1 2015 Florida Institute of Technology Yuma Puma Chip Technology Overview Yuma Puma’s business operations seek additional revenue streams to continue growth, which include new vending technologies. Exploratory concepts in the vending machine industry are “chips,” which can adjust vending machine prices based off environment or timing factors. This includes increasing prices when the temperature rises or the flexibility to adjust prices based on the time of day. Yuma Puma approaches this technology as a means for increased revenue as pressures grow to meet quarterly…show more content…
The purchasing decisions now give their view to the future, making less of an immediate impact and giving way to their future decisions. This is the reason why they are willing to pay a premium for Yuma Puma’s product, for the quality of drink and the personal and societal benefit that might be shared down the road. Corporate leaders can easily stumble when they lose sight of the specific part of the spectrum in which our loyal consumers are captivating from our…show more content…
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