Starbucks Company Analysis

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Starbucks in today’s date is the world’s largest coffee chain. The brand which was founded in 1971 has established itself as the world’s leading specialty coffee brand with its more than 13000 outlets in 39 countries. The company has had an impressive record of sales and growth also. Something that differentiates Starbucks from others is its coffee as well as the special Starbucks experience. Starbucks serves more than just coffee. It is also known for the relaxing ambience where the customers can relax and sip with their friends. Starbucks is famous for its genuine service, inviting atmosphere and of course superb coffee. The company is committed to quality and it is due to its commitment to quality that its product pricing is also premium. However, despite the premium prices of its products the brand is loved around the world by the customers for the quality of products that it serves. The company has employed value based pricing to maximize its profits. Starbucks generally sets premium prices for its products. The prices of its products also vary from country to country depending on the costs of raw materials, labor, taxes as well as various other factors. The company does not try to compete with the cheaper chains by cutting prices. Yet, without any major price cuts it has continued to survive and remain ahead of the others in the coffee market. Seeing its commitment to quality and excellent customer service, it won’t be either for the company to serve the same quality at lower prices. The company has also lost a part of its customer base in history due to its price hikes. However, at this point it is essential to note that Starbucks’ products are premium products and its customers are also the premium customers who fi... ... middle of paper ... ... also justified to an extent owing to the high quality products that Starbucks uses to prepare its coffee and the kind of customer service that it provides. All these factors have helped Starbucks survive and be successful in the market. The brand is ranked among the most valued global brands and chiefly it is the brand’s commitment to quality and customer service which is behind the success of this brand. Apart from everything Starbucks applies a premium price to its products so that it can continue to offer premium quality to its customers. The brands popularity can be clear from the fact that despite the high prices its demand has not fallen down and continues to increase only. The way Starbucks has continued to achieve financial success when other brands were going for price cuts shows how its price strategy has helped it remain competitive in the market place.

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