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In this assignment we will be identifying an ethical dilemma an individual has experienced. We will begin with a short introduction of what an ethical dilemma is, moving on to providing brief details of the dilemma an individual has experienced. We will then go on to selecting one ethical theory, to show how it can help an individual understand and deal with the situation when placed within, followed by a conclusion.
An ethical dilemma is a form of problem facing an individual, which includes complex and often conflicting principles of ethical behaviour. A typical example of an ethical dilemma is a salesman; when selling a certain type of product he may face the dilemma of telling the truth about a product and end up losing a sale and his commission. However, he may feel that being truthful reveals he wants the best for the customers and is being more considerate about them. It all depends on how you deal and understand a situation.
An ethical dilemma is only examined in a situation which has the following conditions; the first condition takes place in a situation, when an individual has to make a decision on which course of action is best. The second condition is there must be more than one course of action to choose from. The third action is no matter what course of action is taken, certain ethical principles are conceded. In other terms, there is no perfect result. When defining what forms an ethical dilemma, it is important to make a division between ethics, morals, values, laws and policies.
Ethical dilemmas could arise for medical staff, physicians, family members and patients.
Roughly, the concerns surrounding problems for which ethics consultation may be requested consist of; refusal of treatment, surrogate decision m...

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