The Marketing Mix Of Starbucks

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Did you know that Starbucks was started by three former students at the University of San Francisco? For my paper, I decided to choose Starbucks. There are many reasons why I chose it, some of the reasons I chose it is because it is tangible- meaning that you can go out and get it. Also, it has a simplified, condensed Marketing Mix which I will partly talk about in my paper. Throughout this paper, it will cover the Marketing Mix, how Starbucks markets for its customers, the environmental issues, its position in the marketplace, how they implement different marketing techniques, and if their marketing works or does not work.
Throughout the semester, we talked about the Marketing Mix. It has four separate components, these are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Starbucks incorporates all four of these components throughout their company. For the first part, I will talk about their
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Starbucks, like any other company has different types of markets. Since Starbucks is the third largest coffee seller in the United States behind McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Doughnuts. Starbucks classifies their target audience by three different groups, adults, young adults, and kids and teens. First, we will discuss the adults, and for Starbucks this is nearly half of its total revenue. Now, I will talk their young adults target market audience. Their young adults is primarily college students between ages eighteen to twenty-four. This generation generates about forty percent of their total sales. Lastly, the kids and teens target market is ages up to seventeen. This attracts a large percentage of their total target audience. However, Starbucks this specific age group does not have a large percentage of the sales. Only two percent of the total sales is from this age group, because Starbucks views it as the adult purchasing the product for their teen or
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