Biblical Worldview: An Introduction Of The Biblical Worldview

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Laurie Pelosi
Liberty University Online
Biblical Worldview
March 31, 2014

We really cannot be sure why God chose the specific time in history and the demographic locations he used to create the universe. It should not be a surprise as we read through Genesis it shows us the rich history of those many years ago and the disputes that are still arising today over religion and land in the Middle East. Religious disputes are still on the rise in these countries and with ease of travel to the United States many have been influenced by other theologies. This can cause confusion for many people, which is why it is important to read and understand the Bible. Genesis 1-11 lays the foundation for all biblical truth as is assumes God is the creator of all things. We know according to scripture that God wanted us to share in his creation and his glory. He chose to reveal himself in his way. These scriptures portray God as just, grace, love, wrath, and holy. This should be our beginning to our introduction of our Biblical Worldview. As broad as this term is it seems we should look at this as a standard of how we personally view our world, beliefs and matters of the heart. There are still such challenges between evolution and the biblical thought, science will view as all machines and we are not divine, we know only God is divine, we are humans with sin potential. People more and more today are searching for answers; they want answers to what happens after they are gone. Is God the real truth? Without richness for God in their heart, we can see why so many struggle and fall into self-hurt and other dependency issues. Will it be science or the Word of God one has to search their soul? This should n...

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Genesis teaches us about human identity, civilization, natural world and human relationships. God’s message is clear, we are to take the Bible seriously and not just a piece of literature but also factual knowledge of how we began. We see how God worked to make this world and how we have grown to ruin this creation. We forgot too often how amazing the world truly is and take this all for granted. By reading Genesis we can truly learn how flawed we can be. We all assume the world will be here as we know it, but this is just something we tell ourselves, a fabrication so we do not have to face life biggest questions. We have become a hardened nation and solace only seems to happen in church. We need to make a personal commitment to ourselves that we will ask God to guide us and have exchanges with people that wish to learn more about Christianity.
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