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How important is a Christian worldview? The biblical worldview is essentially the integration of fundamental biblical teachings to become a meaningful and unified response to the routine opportunities and challenges of modern life. An individual wholly inscribed into a biblical worldview projects a belief system that the core purpose of existence is to love and serve the Lord God alone. Essentially, a Christian worldview is formed in reference of the infallible living Word of God (Tackett, 2014). After a believer fully believes the living Word of God then allows it to form the basis of everything in their life. That implies, for instance, that when a believer chooses to pursue Romans 13 to respect people in authority then must take priority in voting and electing new leaders into power. A bible believing person should lead a life that portrays the biblical teachings and truths. As practical Christians our gut reaction should be limited to the biblical established truths (Wayne, 2014). If as believers we fail to completely trust the Word of God and form our life under its direction then our witness will become misleading and even confusing. Believer’s effort in diligently understanding, applying and holding full trust to the word of God in all aspects of our life will be instrumental in building our faith. Such a faith will elevate us to enable us rise above the unrelenting wave of our culture’s non-biblical ideologies. Biblical worldview is very important in order to develop a life, which can be emulated by others in diligence, integrity and honesty in the modern society (Tackett, 2014). Is it a main factor in running a nonprofit organization? A Christian worldview is a crucial and very significant factor while running the no... ... middle of paper ... ...4). Our Work. Retrieved from USO. (2014). The organization. Retrieved from Verbruggen, S., Christiaens, J., & Milis, K. (2011). Can Resource Dependence and Coercive Isomorphism explain Nonprofit Organizations’ Compliance with Reporting Standards? Nonprofit and voluntary sector quarterly, 40(1), 5-32. Wayne, I. (2014). What is a Christian Worldview? Retrieved from Worth, M. (2014). Nonprofit management: Principles and Practice. 3rd Ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. Wuthnow, R. (2009). Boundless Faith: The Global Outreach of American Churches. California: University of California Press. Zinkewicz, P. (2008). Insuring Nonprofits. Rough Notes, 151(5), 96-98,100-101. Retrieved from

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  • Describes the american red cross's brief history, which is available at
  • Cites gonzalez, d. (2001). u.s. cautions group on mixing religion and salvador quake aid.
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