Woolen Workers During The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution happened during the eightieth and ninetieth century, and transitioned the world into new manufacturing processes. The gradual buildup of scientific knowledge, inventions, applications, and technical knowledge that took place during the Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, and beginning of the Industrial Revolution led to the emergence of manufacturing. The Industrial Revolution became stronger and more influential as machines began to increase productivity. It also made things more efficient. Even though manufacturing and new inventions were bettering society, some people did not like the new machines. Many of the people who worked in areas that were being taken over by machines were extremely upset. One specific group were the people who worked in wool production. Woolen workers felt that their jobs were being taken over by machines and leaving hardworking people without a way to provide for their families. In a petition that was wrote by woolen workers to those who favored machines, it said that the machines had brought “great distress, . . . and deprived them of the opportunity of bringing up their children to labor.” Working in wool production was their specific skill and they wanted to teach their children so they could work in wool production as well. They felt that the …show more content…

One can understand why considering they were the ones who owned the cloth manufacturing businesses. This group of people felt that machinery was important and a major advancement in cloth production. The machines made it easier, faster, and cheaper to create different kinds of cloth, such as wool. It made production more efficient and cloth merchants could keep up with the demand of cloth. They felt that machines had made cloth advance “to its present importance, and [was] still increasing.” Cloth merchants paid no attention to the workers who felt that machinery had taken their

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