Industrial Revolution

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Advancements in agriculture, textile, transportation and economic growth became possible only because of the Industrial Revolution. Taking place in the United States between 18th and 19th century, times went from separating the cotton from its seed to using an automated cotton gin made by an American inventor Eli Whitney. This allowed for the lower class citizens to be able to have the important goods such as medication and clothing. Before the American Industrial Revolution, people were mostly farmers and life went by slowly and tedious work was required for simple tasks. But with inventions like the cotton gin, and the assembly line, mass production evolved. The United States had one of the fastest economic growths than any other country during this time. The Industrial Revolution developed the world and how it produced its goods. There were numerous inventions that made everyday tasks easier to perform by eliminating the tedious work that people performed by replacing it with a machine. The invention that fired up the Industrial Revolution was the steam engine, which was invented by James Watt in 1775. The steam engine made travel faster and more efficient, which is why it earned the name “Iron Horse”. The steam engine not only powered the trains, but it also powered the factories (The Industrial Revolution United State, page 27). This provided numerous factories and industries to transport their goods farther away and at a faster pace. The numerous inventions led to the radically increasing American economy. There would be more export of goods which would mean higher flow of money into the economy to boost the value of the American dollar. Mass production was cheap and it meant more goods can be produced, resulting in more pr...

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...e busy cities and worked in the manufacturing and textile industries because the jobs altered from self – production to mass production.

By constructing the road to a colossal economy, developing countless jobs with a better work ethic, and making life easier with innovative inventions, the American Industrial Revolution was a blessing to America’s progression. Inventions starting from the cotton gin by Eli Whitney to the Model T invented by Henry Ford, the American lives and economy changed drastically. Changing from the agrarian economy to the manufacturing and textile industries, it opened doors to most people to start a new job in a new economy. It would not have been possible to achieve the simplest tasks as we would have today if it was not for the Industrial Revolution. Thus, the Industrial Revolution was a remarkable phenomenon in America’s history.
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