Women and the Workforce

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Women and the Workforce From the days of Suffragettes to the ERA amendment of the late 1970's, women have fought for equal rights in a male dominated world. During every war, from ancient times to modern, women took over the traditional male working rolls to keep the economy going as men fought on the battle front. After every war women were pushed back into the home and made to return to rolls of housewife and mother. This battle of the female to be seen and appreciated as more than just a baby making machine and house servant, has gone on for centuries, in countries around the globe. As technology increases, the world becomes smaller, and democracy and freedom are seen as the rights of man, women have been given more freedoms yet they still are not equal to their male counterpart. ? Around the world, women?s access to employment is constrained by various factors, including inequality in access to education and training, and productive resources, household responsibilities and gender stereotypes.?(1) The woman has received the right to work menial jobs for minimum pay with less job security. She has received the right to attend schools of higher education, but she hasn?t receive the rights to equal access for career paths, or promotions in careers traditionally filled by males including the fast growing field of computer technology. The computer technology field has experienced a massive expansion during the last two decades making the employees of this industry a vital component of the work force. Because of this tremendous growth the industry is now facing a major shortage of skilled workers. Although there has been an increase in the number of women entering the field since the 1970's they are still a ... ... middle of paper ... ...sually felt against discrimination. I came to the conclusion at one point that the whole thing was hopeless because it is a biological fact women have babies and that is always a career breaker. I end this paper rather disappointed that now, as it was centuries ago,are allowing their lives to be run by male views and stereotypes. The world is moving forward but unless women stop allowing other's views to influence their life choices they will be left behind washing dishes and changing diapers. Works Cited: 1. www.cosatu.org 2. www.sciam.com 3. www.sdsc.edu 4. www.studentadvantage.lycos.com 5. www.cs.wisc.edu/~karavan/afl/home.html 6. www.ecuanex.apc.org 7. www.mills.edu 8. www.rpi.edu 9. www.cpsr.org 10. Coping With the Male Ego in the Workplace Sandra Grymes 11.Cypergirl at Work Sherman, Aliza 12.When work Doesn't Work Anymore Mckenna, Elizabeth

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