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Every year a percentage of women who build a career and climb up the ladder constantly grow. Often girls after graduation prefer a career to a family. In most cases, the reason for this is the desire to ensure life, improve their status in society. However, in the workplace woman faces challenges that require immediate solutions. Professional activity is one of the spheres of self-identity, personalization. While managing professional work a woman has the opportunity to discover and develop the abilities, personal and professional qualities to achieve recognition of her originality, significance for other people and for society as a whole. A special role is played here by the quarry. In the modern sense the career is a kind of search for own self, own way. On the one hand it means that a person could realize him/herself, and on the other - that the work done is highly appreciated. Considering a career in a woman's life pointing out the complexity and diversity that it has for a woman is rather important.
Women were and still are discriminated against by the majority in the field of professional labor for centuries. Even today at the beginning of the XXI century the society is still at the stage of savagery since reproductive function is declared as the main purpose of female. In many countries, women are deprived of the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to implement professional knowledge, experience and skills. This is due to conservative views on the distribution of family roles, blind copying the traditions of patriarchy.
High social status for women in most countries is hardly achievable. This means that a woman is not a full-fledged member of society. Most often women are refused or hindered the implementation of selec...

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...ldren to treat a person regardless of gender identity as a creative personality, having freedom of choice and necessary for the implementation of this choice qualities. This will allow them to determine their life strategy without regard to gender.
Career of women will have an impact surrounding environment on rethinking the social role and place of women in the family and society. Therefore, women who choose career as one of the ways of understanding the meaning of life and environment for social interaction should get enormous moral support. Successful career will positively impact the woman herself, her personality.

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