Women in the Workplace

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Executive Summary Women across the globe are shattering glass ceilings one at a time, and it is time the world takes note of it. Chief executives express their commitment to the advancing equality between men and women by actions such as advancing women in the workplace. Areas of such empowerment include: market and community progress through the use of sex, disaggregated data, and other benchmarks (Chakabarti). Times are changing in the makeup of the workforce today. Females are quickly becoming a major factor in the business world. Families are seeing that one salary per household is simply not enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Just a few decades ago, women were left at home raising children and left to depend on a spouse's income to satisfy their needs and wants. This summary will review a brief history of women in the workplace, discuss the current World and U.S. status on female workers and their rights, and offer examples of resources that can be used to not only educate women, but to empower them as well. Companies should embrace this growing trend, as it will not disappear, in order to achieve maximum societal welfare. According to a study by the Center for American Progress, today's United States workforce consists of nearly fifty percent female workers. These women are “the primary breadwinners or co-breadwinners” in nearly two-thirds of American households (Boushey and O'Leary). This is a dramatic change from almost a century ago. However, the growing number of female workers has developed major concerns and issues that must be dealt with by society in order for females and the business world to prosper. By evaluating the history of women and mothers in the workforce, as well as reviewing the w... ... middle of paper ... ...ain the benefits that these valuable women can potentially contribute to society. Many variables contribute to the formation of such a profound social change, but the momentum it creates holds the potential to revolutionize how America operates in the most basic of terms. For the most part, the world has surpassed America in terms of women's wage and childcare. Previous expectations of women in the workforce, the ease of change, cultural acceptance and cultural resistance, the presence of women in today’s college systems, the topic of children and childcare, roles of governments and corporations in this trend, as well as issues with speeding up such a radical movement: these matters both captivate and concern the followers of this front. In order to track these changes, women must motivate and educate themselves to embrace these happenings and better their cause.
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