Within The Mastermind: How Leonardo Da Vinci Birthed The World Of Today

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Leonardo da Vinci, or less commonly known as Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, was a brilliant and talented man; in fact, his talents and intellectual capacity could even be incomparable to the "later geniuses" of Einstein, Newton, or even Bacon as da Vinci was centuries ahead of his time. Although he is widely renowned for the epithet of "Renaissance Man", there was much more to da Vinci than just being a renowned artist. His incessant studies were remarkable. In fact, among many things, Leonardo da Vinci was an excelled scientist, mathematician, inventor, engineer, and architect; he was also famous for his botany studies as well as the anatomy studies he performed; however, everyone seems to recall him as a humble and simple artist. But, in all reality, Leonardo da Vinci was so much more diverse in his talents. He was, beyond a doubt, a genius of a lifetime. When going against the Church who believed that science was subversive, Leonardo da Vinci explored the world to such a degree that Mother Nature was no longer something as modest as a leaf or a flower. It was now the questions of "who?", "what?", "when?", "where?", "why?", and, most importantly, "how?"; this eventually shaped the technologies and sciences of the modern world today. Leonardo da Vinci was the mastermind of masterminds, a man centuries ahead of his time. By breaking the rules of the Church, and setting forth on an incredible journey to understand the mechanics of Mother Nature, Leonardo da Vinci was the man who set in motion the Age of True Discovery and had ultimately shaped the advances of today's modern world (New: Kausal). Imagine a life full of simple complications such as cutting a piece of cloth; or even waking up on time because alarm clocks did not exi... ... middle of paper ... ...eb. 2011. . "Leonardo Da Vinci Robotic Expertise! And His Robots!" Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings, Inventions and His Complete Biography! 20 May 2009. n. pag. 01 Mar. 2011. . "Leonardo Da Vinci, The Man & the Inventor." Leonardo Da Vinci. n. pag. 16 Feb. 2011. . Scotchmoore, Judy. "Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)." University of California Museum of Paleontology. n. pag. 20 Jan. 2011. . Webster, Guy, and Tony Greicius. "NASA - Mars Sliding Behind Sun After Rover Anniversary." NASA - Home. 24 Jan. 2011. n. pag. 03 Mar. 2011. .
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