The Impact Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci greatly impacted world history by his artwork, inventions, and discoveries in science.Around the world da Vinci has impressed and amazed people by his gift in artwork. Inventions were a common thing that he thought of and they always surpassed his time period intellectually. Discoveries and new ways of thinking don’t come very often, but under the thoughtful mindset of da Vinci they do, the genius of the 14th century.
Leonardo da Vinci, was born in 1452, in Anchiano Italy during the Age of Discovery. Vinci is a last name we associate with him from a close town where he grew up. As far as we know da Vinci has always been called “di ser Piero da Vinci”by his family and friends. Da Vinci didn’t have his birth mother, Caterina,
His ability to blend his intellect and imagination led him to create ideas on paper like the bicycle and airplane by looking at just how a bat flies. Due to his wide interest in multiple hobbies, many of his sculptures or paintings never got finished or were destroyed. He moved from Italy to France when French ruler Francis I offered a manor for him to live in and acknowledged him as “Premier Painter and Engineer and Architect to the King”. He lived at a local manor until 1519 when he died at the age of 67 and was buried at a local church. Unfortunately, the French Revolution destroyed the church and his exact gravesite is still
Leonardo is one of the few people who has the ability to make these qualities seem so perfect under his hands. His artworks are by far the most popular pieces of art that are in museums to this day. Recently a popular painting “Salvator Mundi”, painted between 1490-1500, has been placed up for auction and is estimated that the painting will sale for at least $100 million. This is just one of 16 surviving paintings that have made it through the years and it’s not even the most popular one. The Mona Lisa is the most popular painting by anyone to this very day. It was painted in the year 1503 and is famous for multiple reasons. One being that da Vinci didn’t just paint this ordinarily, but in a technique called sfumato and it was painted in atmospheric perspective as seen in the background. The technique sfumato is the blending of oil paints to blur the lines between colors. Atmospheric perspective was a new painting style where things far away in paintings looked blurry and this style was used in the background of the Mona Lisa. The word mysterious is associated with this painting and others that have come from his works. The smile that is presented in the Mona Lisa is somewhat puzzling in its own way and the person depicted in the painting is still not 100% known to experts to this day. The eyes that are on the Mona Lisa seem to watch and follow you when you look at the painting. One of the weird myths that

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