Contributions Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452, about 25 miles west of Florence, Italy. He was most famously know for art and science. Da Vinci studied the laws of science and incorporated what he knew into his work. Leonardo Da Vinci was born in the era of Renaissance which contributed to his views on life and artistic background. He was a successful scientist in the fields of Anatomy, Physics, and Aerodynamics. Also he was an exceptional painter that created several masterpieces in his era. He was an inventor and with his abilities of an artistic eye combined with his large amount of knowledge in science, he created extraordinary inventions that would one day change the world. His ideas have influenced many artists and made him the…show more content…
One of his most well known achievement is Mona Lisa. When people think of Leonardo da Vinci many think of him as a artist; However, he is much more than just an artist. He was a artist, sculptor, inventor, scientist, philosopher, architect, engineer, and musician. And he probably did many other things in his spare time. Most people would say that his most prominent field was being an inventor. He hated war however, he did work as a military engineer to invent deadly weapons and machines for 17 years. He invented the automatic car, a tank like structure and much more. He invented general designs for the parachute, helicopter, water suits, cannons, tanks, and automatic…show more content…
During his time period 2D was common and little to no one could draw in three-dimension. Da Vinci was able to make the subjects of the painting three-dimensional as well as the setting because of his understanding of human anatomy. His understanding of linear perception, his integration of light and shadow, and his fantastic understanding of anatomy. Da Vinci was famous for being able to capturing subtle expressions which made his paintings look more alive than others. Many artists nowadays try to mimic his art in hopes of recreating more realistic paintings. Renaissance period paintings were flat, and never very proportional before Leonardo came along. Da Vinci mastered the concept of vanish point . Which basically, allows the painting to look three- dimensional. Although, Leonardo rarely finished his works and only completed a few of them, the ones he finished revolutionized the art world. Without da Vinci’s understanding of science he might not have been able to accomplish everything he did in his paintings. When Leonardo da Vinci died in May 2, 1519, he had more than 6 thousand journal entries. The entries mostly contained grocery lists, personal musings, and jokes. Although he was dead, he would live on forever through his
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