Leonardo Da Vinci Research Paper

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Kristin Burns Mrs. Lewis World History P-AP (B) 6 May 2014 Transformation of the West Leonardo da Vinci was a scientist, inventor, architect, and a mathematician as well as an artist that lived during the Italian Renaissance. Da Vinci's countless contributions to fields of art, technology, science, and math enabled him to have the label as a true Renaissance man. "Leonardo went a step further to figure out how the bodily systems beneath the surface worked. Leonardo's early paintings were studies in a new humanistic style of art, and he was far ahead of his contemporaries in this regard." Doc. 4 Leonardo kept journals full of sketches and designs. Some of the sketches included the anatomy of the human body. With granted permission, da Vinci would dissect the bodies of deceased humans to get a better understanding of the body. His journals were filled with precise drawings of various regions of the male and female anatomy and were some of the first to accurately and clearly display the human body. Leonardo was able to do so with geometric proportions in his drawing known as Vitruvian Man. His detailed dissections, along with many other methods, played a big role in the development of a new kind of painting style that made the paintings and their background give off a three-dimensional illusion. "Leonardo da Vinci paintings stand out from the work of his peers and contemporaries due to his paintings’ unique effect on viewers, ultimately caused by his impressive scientific approach toward his work." Doc. 3 Due to da Vinci's anatomical and physical studies, he was able to achieve the idea of light and shadow along with perspective. This technique is displayed in two of his most popular creations, The Last Super and the Mona Lisa,... ... middle of paper ... ...tually be operated, like most of Leonardo's inventions, if any human where to be on top powering it due to weight limits. The Italian Renaissance was full of brilliant and gifted artists, scientists and inventors but Leonardo da Vinci was the most omniscient of them all. For someone who was able to obtain the amount of knowledge that he knew and to associate all of his works with each other is beyond extraordinary and he is considered one of the smartest people of all time. Bibliography "Leonardo da Vinci Inventions." www.da-vinci-inventions.com Web. 14 December 2013. Document 1 "Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions." www.leonardodavincisinventions.com Web. 8 May 2012. Document 2 "Leonardo da Vinci's Life." www.davincilife.com Web. 12 Jan 2012. Document 3 "Leonardo da Vinci: The Human Body." www.netplaces.com Web. 9 June 2013. Document 4
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