An Essay About Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most well-known geniuses in human history. This man masters knowledge of all kind: painting, architecture, music, geology, philosophy, biology, math, physics, chemistry, etc. His probably most famous painting, Mona Lisa, fascinated millions of people around the world and the amazing and mysterious details in the painting attracted a number of scientists and scholars to devote their whole career in studying them. Born and lived in Italian Renaissance age, which is a period of time when arts flourished and knowledge was valued, Leonardo was surrounded by many great contemporary artists and a perfect creative environment. These favorable factors supported him to fully exercise his talents.
As a writer, Leonardo often recorded his reflections on various subject matters. And it is through some of his words that survived till today that we have a glimpse of how his great mind worked.
Leonardo was born in a small town in Tuscany, Italy called Vinci on 15 April, 1452. Back then, not all people had surnames; only those who were rich and powerful deserved one. Therefore, when people today refer to him as “Leonardo da Vinci”, “da Vinci” actually means “from Vinci” in Italian. His talent for painting was recognized by his family and neighbors when he was still a boy, and he started his painting career at a very young age. At 14, he was sent to Florence by his father to learn from Verrocchio, who owned a leading workshop at the time. It is said that when he cooperated with Verrocchio on the Baptism of Christ, his skill was so much finer than his master’s that Verrocchio quit in the middle and never painted again for his whole life. 1
Leonardo’s painting skill is undoubtable. He was most obsessed with the beaut...

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...enaissance Age in Italy cultivated many of the most accomplished artists till today. It is a time when people with talents where provided with an opportunity to fully practice their skills, and to learn from yet compete with their peers. It is also a time when artists began to be treated as a unique individual together with his own art style and own characteristics. Just as Leonardo wrote in his notes:
“The painter will produce pictures of little worth if he takes for his standard the pictures of others… Giotto the Florentine, who was not content with imitating the works of Cimabue, his master… he excelled not only all the masters of his time but all those of many centuries past…” 3
People should be recognized and respected by their skills; this way they are encouraged to produce better works in return. Leonardo and the Renaissance Age he lived in is a solid proof.
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