Wireless Security and Privacy Protocols Part 1

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This paper is going to discuss wireless security from a broad view where I will go into why exactly wireless security is so important, especially today as the ways in which we are communicating is changing dramatically. From there I will discuss the multiple wireless securities that are available to give a better understanding of the options given. Then I will go into why exactly not protecting your wireless can be so dangerous with some descriptions of the most dangerous wireless attacks out there today. Finally, I will then discuss how we can better prepare for these types of attacks with a synopsis on several effective security methods that will help to ensure data is securely passed and kept hidden.
Wireless is everywhere today, whether at home working from your WIFI network to work where you might be linked to a wireless network or even through your phone through a 3G or 4G network to connecting to an open wireless networks. As you can see for the most part people are connected to wireless from the moment they leave their home till they get to work and then back. Wireless communication definitely provides an advantage over wired networks due to its mobility allowing users to connect from virtually anywhere, however because of this convenience they are also more physically exposed compared to wired networks because of how the data is transmitted given attackers a high number of access points to constantly attack. This also brings around the concern because of a large number of wireless networks constantly being put up most everyone is not going to recognize the importance of securing your network and how easily their data can and probably is being stolen. Think about living in an apartment complex or in a neighborhood and doi...

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