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This paper describes the basic threats to the network security and the basic issues of interest for designing a secure network. it describes the important aspects of network security. A secure network is one which is free of unauthorized entries and hackers


Over the past few years, Internet-enabled business, or e-business, has drastically improved efficiency and revenue growth. E-business applications such as e-commerce, supply-chain management, and remote access allow companies to streamline processes, lower operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Such applications require mission-critical networks that accommodate voice, video, and data traffic, and these networks must be scalable to support increasing numbers of users and the need for greater

capacity and performance. However, as networks enable more and more applications and are available to more and more users, they become ever more vulnerable to a wider range of security threats. To combat those threats and ensure that e-business transactions are not compromised, security technology must play a major role in today's networks.

Why Networks Must Be Secured?

Attacks: -

Without proper protection, any part of any network can be susceptible to attacks or unauthorized activity. Routers, switches, and hosts can all be violated by professional hackers, company competitors. In fact, according to several studies, more than half of all network attacks are waged internally. To determine the best ways to protect against attacks, we should understand the many types of attacks that can be instigated and the damage that these attacks can cause to data. The most common types of attacks include Denial of Service (DoS), password, an...

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...of security you really need. How important or confidential is your data? Do you have network connections with trading partners that have even more sensitive data? Implement security measures in proportion to your needs.

Stick with the standards. Standards not only ensure others have tested the waters, but protect your investment for future changes and expansion. Don't use default settings, obvious passwords or keys. Rotate your WEP keys often–at least once per day or every 10,000 packets of information to foil hackers' efforts.

Finally, monitor, monitor, monitor!! Do not just turn your network on and assume it will always stay the same. Check and sniff your own network for APs you don't know about. Be aware of your physical environment. Look for any unfamiliar cars in the parking lot with someone just sitting in them? They might be trying to break into your house!

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the basic threats to the network security and the fundamental issues of interest for designing a secure network.
  • Explains that network attacks cause organizations several hours or days of downtime and serious breaches in data confidentiality and integrity.
  • Explains that the objective of network security is to protect networks and their applications against attacks, ensuring information availability, confidentiality, and integrity.
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