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For thousands of years cryptography and encryption have been used to secure communication. Military communication has been the leader of the use of cryptography and the advancements. From the start of the internet there has been a greater need for the use of cryptography. The computer had been invented in the late 1960s but there was not a widespread market for the use of computers really until the late 1980s, where the World Wide Web was invented in 1989. This new method of communication has called for a large need for information security. The internet allows people to communicate sensitive information, and if received into the wrong hands can cause many problems for that person. Cryptography is the study or science of techniques of secret writing and message hiding. Cryptography constitutes any method in which someone attempts to hide a message, or the meaning in some medium. One specific element of cryptography is encryption, which hides the data or information by transforming it into an undecipherable code. Encryption uses a specified key to perform the data transformation. The length of the key for the encryption…show more content…
The protection of data being transferred between ATMs and the bank, and the use of cell phones is the most common everyday encounter with encryption. To encrypt and decrypt information a cipher is used. In a cipher there is a set of well-defined steps that can be followed to encrypt and decrypt messages. The use of a cipher relies greatly on the use of an encryption key. The key may contain any auxiliary information added to the cipher to produce certain

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