The Importance Of Wireless Communication

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INTRODUCTION Throughout the history of civilizations man tried to establish his own way to express himself and represent his ideas to others. These ways, which are defined as languages, supported the ability to communicate, providing one of the most essential instincts needed by mankind. For not over than few tens of meters, man’s sheer voice formed the first and simplest humanist wireless communication scheme, where the frequencies produced from the man's throat vibrates the surrounding air molecules and spread to reach the receiver's ear. Man discovered that converting his throat vibrations, and hence his out-coming speech, into a corresponding electrical form could serve in carrying his voice on a conductor and transferring it for a distance determined by the conductor's length. The construction of the conducting mesh that joins the scattered geographical parts of the world formed what is known by the wired communication, which is still effective up to the moment, and in fact constitutes a very important scheme of communication. Producing electric and magnetic fields from el...

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