William Shakespeare's Life in London

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William Shakespeare spent the later years of his life in London, England. This part of his life deserves to be noted, because of his outstanding accomplishments towards society. A big part of Shakespeare’s accomplishments derive in the city of London. William Shakespeare’s life in London consisted of the lost years, involvements with the Globe Theater, creations of brilliant Early works, articulate writing styles that catch the eye, and controversies about whether Shakespeare was educated enough to construct plays the way that he did in this short time period.
The “lost years” is a time period in which there is no factual record of what William Shakespeare did or how he went about his life. In the future, researchers and historians may discover more about the “lost years” of William Shakespeare’s life.
“We know very little about Shakespeare's life during two major spans of time, commonly referred to as the "lost years": 1578-82 and 1585-92. The first period covers the time after Shakespeare left grammar school, until his marriage to Anne Hathaway in November of 1582. The second period covers the seven years of Shakespeare's life in which he must have been perfecting his dramatic skills and collecting sources for the plots of his plays.” (Mabillard n.p.).
There are a couple other theories about what Shakespeare was doing during this time. The first theory states that Shakespeare went into hiding for poaching game from the local landlord, Sir Thomas Lucy. The next theory says that he might have moved to London and started work as an assistant schoolmaster or attendant to horses.
By 1592, there is evidence that William Shakespeare earned a living as an actor and a playwright in London and possibly had several plays produced, a...

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