Who Is the Real Author of Shakespear?

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The big question is who is the real author of Shakespeare? Most people say that’s obvious and say Shakespeare, but is that the real case. Well, in this case they are wrong. The real author of the Shakespeare is Edward de Vere. The evidence is in the education, mysterious behavior, information saying Shakespeare wasn’t the real author, Shakespeare being the undercover name, and the clues that Oxford is the real author. Most people just want to jump to the conclusion that Shakespeare couldn’t have written the plays. All because he didn’t go to a good school like “Oxford” (“Shakespeare really Talented”). This is evidence that shows he couldn’t have written the plays, because it shows that he really did not have the right education to have come up with the wonderful pieces of art work still used today. A good school will help improve your creative abilities. No one can force education at an actual school, but it helps oneself to widen the horizon of their ability. Also, creativity can not be weighed or judged on the education a person receives, but because it comes from within the person. This is a style that can not be taught, but very well can be enhanced with education. This is the way art work can be taken to a higher level by having the creativity within oneself. There are clues that the Earl of Oxford is the real author, of the Shakespeare plays. “Their evidence for Oxford as author is as questionable as their belief is impassioned”. They discovered, for example, in a 1578 address to Oxford by fellow poet Gabriel Harvey, a tell-tale clue: Harvey says, “Thine eyes flash fire, they will shakes spears…..”[emphasis added] – an unmistakable reference to the Bard! Unfortunately, this is a rogue translation of the Latin words,... ... middle of paper ... ... should encourage Oxfordians. It is very difficult for people to find out about Shakespeare’s life since their is no book on his life, and there is little evidence showing that he really was the author. Therefore, the Earl of Oxford is the true author of the Shakespeare plays. The evidence is all right here. Works Cited Contested will: who wrote Shakespeare? By James Shapiro Did Shakespeare Write “Shakespeare”? Much Ado About Nothing By Joe Nickell Schama, Simon. “The Shakespeare Shakdown”. Newsweek 24 Oct. 2011: 24. Student Edition: Web.1 Nov. 2013. “Shakespeare Really Was that Talented” States News service 1 Nov. 2011. Expanded Academic ASAP. Web 31 Oct. 2013. Whalen, Richard F. “Shakespeare’s biographical problems heat up”. Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter 47.2 (2011): 9t. Academic one file Web. 31 Oct 2013.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the first long assault on who actually wrote shakespeare was written in 1857 by delia bacon, who said he couldn't have been of amazing literature.
  • Argues that the real author of shakespeare is edward de vere. the evidence is in the education, mysterious behavior, information saying shakespeare wasn't the true author, and the clues that oxford is the genuine author.
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