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Is Shakespeare a Fraud?
Who is this mysterious play write? For nearly 500 years, historians have been baffled as to how Shakespeare could have authored so many plays, if it truly was Shakespeare. Various historians have come up with numerous theories as to who wrote the plays. Yet the outcome has been the same, there is no solid evidence to neither confirm nor deny that Shakespeare truly did author the plays because most of the evidence is contradictory.
When education is concerned, no one truly knew whether or not Shakespeare wrote his plays. According to the article “The Education of William Shakespeare”, “William Shakespeare would have attended King Edwards VI Grammar school in Stratford-Upon-Avon.” ("The Education Of William Shakespeare” sec. 1). On the contrary, an article written by Dutch Steven states, “Shakespeare was not educated enough and Stratford- Upon-Avon was too backward of a place to have produced a play write of such caliber.” (Dutch, Steven para. 1). Needless to say, the true education of William Shakespeare cannot be determined because the evidence proving his schooling contradicts itself. If the true records of Shakespeare’s education were found, would it prove he wrote the plays? Why are the records of his education scrambled and inconclusive? This leads readers to believe different stories that may or may not be valid. Therefore, there is not solid evidence that Shakespeare had a strong enough education to author such elaborate plays. To conclude, there is not solid evidence that Shakespeare authored the plays.
In another attempt to find evidence to confirm or deny that Shakespeare authored his plays, who else could have written the plays must be considered. To illustrate, Steven Dutch writes, “Bacon Fra...

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...idence is contradictory.

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In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how shakespeare's disappearances lead historians to believe that he could have been meeting with an elusive play writer of higher caliber and having this mystery man write the plays for him.
  • Concludes that almost all evidence contradicts its self, making it nearly imposing to come to a true understanding whether or not shakespeare truly wrote the plays.
  • Argues that there is no solid evidence to neither confirm nor deny that shakespeare wrote the plays because the evidence proving his education contradicts itself.
  • Explains alchin, l.k., "william shakespeare the lost years." dutch, steven, and gabrielsen, paul.
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