Will our Generation Understand the Impacts of Global Change?

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Will our generation ever understand the impacts of global change? I am going to give information and examples of global climate change in this essay/report. Most people does not even know the difference between weather and climate. So I am going to explain to those people the difference. Weather and climate are not the same thing. Even though they effect each other and are similar. Weather is the state of the atmosphere at a certain time and place, with it being hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, or clear or cloudy. Climate is weather patterns over a period of time. Weather is what makes climate. There has to be weather in an area for there to be a climate in the specific area. There are two main natural processes that affect global climate. One of them would be the greenhouse effect. Some natural effects that cause the greenhouse effect are wildfires, volcanoes, decomposition of organic matter, and oceans. The greenhouse effect is a process that has greenhouse gases that traps in heat. There are five major greenhouse gases. They are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, and perfluorocarbons. Carbon dioxide can be produce naturally from wildfires and when animals die and decompose. Methane can come from animals such as cows. They make it when they defecate. Nitrous oxide can be can come from something such as sewage management. Gases such as CFC’s are gasses that punch holes in the ozone layer. They come from everyday thing such as refrigerators, air conditions, and aerosol. These causes are part of the carbon cycle. Even though these seem bad we actually need the greenhouse effect and the carbon cycle. If we didn’t have these it would be way too cold on earth for us to live. Even though there may be ... ... middle of paper ... ... called solar panels. Solar panels are things that take in the suns rays and and attached to a generator and turn into electricity for many things like homes, vehicles, lighting, heat, and many other things. The down side to this is that the cost to build solar panels is expensive and they have to be placed where it is always sunny. Another type alternative resource is water. The way we harness water is through places like dams. An example of this is the Hoover Dam. Water energy can be used for electricity. The bad thing to this would be that it is very expensive. The last alternative energy is wind energy. They are harnessed through these really tall objects call wind turbines. Much like the rest this is expensive and they have to be placed in places that is windy all the time not a little. By doing the little things we can help our world become better not worse.
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