Greenhouse Effect and how it relates to ozone depletion

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During this period, all over the world is facing with one of the biggest problem, the Global Warming. Global Warming makes average level of Earth’s temperature increasing this is causing by two main phenomena; increasing of greenhouse gases levels all over the world and ozone depletion in the atmosphere. Greenhouse effect made up by several groups of gases that we know as greenhouse gases. In general, the levels of these gases were controlled by nature, so the level of the greenhouse gas was constant and in the appropriate amount but because of human activities such as fossil fuel combustion, intensive agriculture and over global population take role and disturb the nature activity. They were increasing the level of greenhouse gases around the world. Ozone depletion is when the layer of ozone becoming thinner and thinner by some type of gases such as chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs). So that mean greenhouse effect and ozone depletion related to each other by be the main cause that make Global warming happen.
Greenhouse gases have both advantage and disadvantage. Greenhouse gases are the several group types of gases that can be absorbing solar radiation in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor. Approximately 75% of the radiations that come from the sun were absorbed by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Moreover, about 50% of radiation that was absorbed by greenhouse gas was radiated downward to Earth surface. So because of this phenomenon sustained the overall Earth’s temperature limited it into the proper amount that all of the living thing can be lived. However, greenhouse gases could be the big deal if there are becoming too much. Since the Industrial revolution happen the human activities, fossil fuel comb...

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...the temperature around the Earth, there work is to make the earth not to cool till the point that living thing cannot be survive so we cannot live in the atmosphere that lack of this type of gases.

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