Why isn’t Dancing a Sport?!

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Is it or is it not a sport that is the question. For some time now, it has been a controversial argument on whether or not dancing is a sport. Although many people say that it’s not a sport, I believe that it is a sport because, it is extremely competitive, it requires a variety of skills & ability, and on top of that it is a form of cardio.
Not only is dancing a sport, but it is a very competitive sport at that. People compete in dance competition internationally using a variety of different dances. For example, the TV shows “So You Think You Can Dance” or “Dancing with the Stars”. There is a set judge or judges to determine the winner of said competition. There are also dance battles which occur between two dancers or dance crews to determine who the better dancer is or who has the better crew, or in other words team. It helps them to build up a reputation just as a football team or any other competitive sports team does.
Dancing requires a variety of skills and abilities. It requires for one to have balance, and also to be limber. Having upper body strength and leg strength is just as critical an asset in dancing as it is in playing football or any other nationally recognized sport. Just as a football player needs a good memory to remember all the different plays and routes that are needed to run, a dancer has to remember the different steps and turns with in each move. Dancers practice their moves in an effort to sharpen their skills and abilities for the same that other traditional athletes would.
Dancing is also proven to be a form of cardio. Just as running around a track burns fat and calories so does dancing. Most types of dances utilize constant movement in which speeds up the heart rate thus burning the calories. Ma...

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...dancing is it or is it not a sport? After being presented with this information do you still feel the same way about the topic? Although people say that dancing is not a sport I believe that it is because like I before, it is extremely competitive, it requires a variety of skills & ability, and on top of that it is a form of cardio. Dancing provides most, if not all of the benefits of being a participant of any traditional sport. All that’s left to say to those who still do not think that dancing is a sport, is that until they witness firsthand the true athleticism that comes with dancing they can never truly understand the importance of why dancing should be nationally recognized as a competitive sport.

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