Why Ballet Should be Considered a Sport

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Did you know that a professional Ballet dancer is more physically fit than an Olympic

athlete? (Scienedaily) If Albert Einstein referred to dancers as “the athletes of God”, then why

does our society fail to respect dance as a sport? Dancing as a career requires an incredible

amount of dedication and mental resolve, just like Olympic sports. Even before reaching

professionalism a ballet student will train up to eight hours a day! (Womack) Because there

are very few jobs available in the field, pre-professional dancers must also be very competitive

in order to succeed. Ballet should be recognized as a sport due to the fitness, dedication, and

competition involved.

An important part of every sport is the physical toll it takes on it’s participants and the

incredible physical condition required of them. Inarguably, Olympic sports require first-rate

physical condition of their participants. Similarly, the physical demands of Ballet necessitate top-

notch fitness levels. Evidence of this physical prowess may be found in a study conducted by

the University of Hertfordshire. This study confirmed that professional Ballet dancers are more

physically fit than Olympic athletes! If the world held any doubts as to the physical hardships of

Ballet they were extinguished by the results of this study.(Sciencedaily) Another testimony to

Ballet’s difficulty is given by Steve McClendon, an NFL player who takes Ballet for cross-

training, and admitted that “Ballet was the hardest thing he did”. (Katzowitz 1) Certainly if a

professional football player respects ballet in this way, football fans should as well! Clearly the

physical demands of Ballet should qualify it as a sport.


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...d be enough to gain the respect of the public. Another

justification is the dedication required for Ballet. It is an inarguable fact that all sports require

dedication. The many sacrifices made by Ballet dancers and the devotion of an immense amount

of their time are things that they all have in common. This dedication should be recognized

when questioning whether or not ballet is a sport. Competiveness is one more characteristic of

Ballet. The competition seen in other sports is also evident in Ballet. Since competition is such

an important factor of sports, it’s presence in Ballet is not to be ignored. These reasons all lead

us to one conclusion: Ballet is a sport. The fact that Ballet is also an art does not compromise this

conclusion in any way. Therefore, I implore you to give Ballet your full respect as the sport that

it is.

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