Why I Want To Be A Team Captain

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1. Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time.

Being named a team captain is an honor. The position of captain is given to those whom the rest of the team respects and trust. This great honor also comes great responsibility. A captain is held accountable for bad performances, are expected to perform and lead the team to victory. It is also expected that captains be the model of excellence. Being a captain is one of the greatest honors one may receive. Yet, many take this honor for granted and fail understand the significance of their responsibilities. My junior year of volleyball at Mission Vista, I was announced as …show more content…

Everyone has dreams of becoming a teacher or policeman while growing up. However, my dreams always dealt with medicine whether it be nursing or dentistry. High school has granted me so many opportunities to make my dreams a reality. Mission Vista offers the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) biomedical courses which consists of four different courses. The courses have furthered my education concerning medicine and the human body. Many despise attending school due to the lack of passion for classes offered. Others find that one class or subject that motivates them and guides their life choices. These PLTW classes became my motivation and inspired me to live out my dreams. My medical knowledge expanded immensely and never would I have dreamed that while only a freshman this new knowledge would be used for a personal experience. After countless months of being picked, poked and prodded, my older sister was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia at a young age, 16. Although not life-threatening, supraventricular tachycardia is a disease in which the electrical wiring in the heart is faulty. There is an extra pathway in the heart that creates a loop which causes the electrical impulse signals from the brain that regulate heart beat to bypass normal nervous system pathways. When my family received the diagnoses my family stared at the doctor with a gray face trying to comprehend the medical terms being thrown at us. As the …show more content…

People become involved in community service for different reasons and it is up to the individual to realize if it is worthwhile and why they are helping others. Community service brings a nation together. Every country wants its community to be disciplined and work for change. Community service is the best way to inculcate responsibility into individuals. This is where I come in, as a volunteer, as an activist for a change and assistance. I have been inducted and a member of three unique clubs with a core purpose of community service and assistance to others. I have been apart of CSF, California Scholarship Federation, for three years and counting. Each system it is required for obtain fifteen hours of community service, whether be with an organization or school based activity. California Scholarship Federation is an exclusive community of college bound scholars who share resources, provide peer tutoring, and pursue success through community service and academic achievement. I became inducted into NHS, National Honor Society, my sophomore year. Since then I have been an active member participating in every community service opportunity our club participates in. In addition to the club's community service, we as members are required to obtain a certain amount of community service outside the club in order for our membership to not be revoked. NHS

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