Prerequisite High School Students

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A movement has swept across America where school systems have begun requiring students to volunteer in order to graduate. This new prerequisite has two main flaws that it imposes on High School students. The first problem is that lots of students don’t have time to do any service because they have other commitments; this prerequisite would, secondly, remove a distinguishing element from students who already do community service and excel in school. To address the first problem about the lack of time for some individuals, we can look at how many student schedules are already over saturated with activities. Most students have so many obligations outside of school that they often struggle to find time to even do their homework, let alone do community service. They spend the majority of their hours either at school, doing sports, or working. If we were to make volunteer hours a requisite to graduating these thousands of students would be forced to give up their other commitments to complete this requirement. …show more content…

It is common knowledge that volunteering gives college applicants a better chance at being accepted, and in some cases get them into larger colleges than previously possible. By requiring all students to have service hours removes the uniqueness that many students use to set themselves above other applicants with similar grades. This all makes it harder for graduates with hopes of going to better colleges, and may even improve the resume of others who wouldn’t have volunteered their time had it not been for the requirement. We must keep volunteer work an optional service to allow students to make the choice whether or not to improve their college

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