Why I Chose To Take Dual Credit Courses

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This world declares that the strong will advance and be successes and the weak will fall behind the rest and have to live with whatever they happen to receive. One thing that the strong have in common is that they are educated and this education adds to their persona of being the leaders of today. I hope to be a strong leader someday just as my idols have, and if I am to do this I must get my education and succeed in school before I battle the real world. One way I can get on track to becoming a member of the strong after I graduate is to take part in dual credit courses. The choice to take dual credit courses was not something I always thought about doing, but rather something I realized was necessary after I was influenced by my friends, my family, and myself to be beneficial in my quest to gain success in this world.

Young kids don’t think about anything past high school. High school is the farthest point fathomed in the sequence of education. It is not until high school that the idea of college comes into play. Personally this reality is accurate. I realized that college being so unbelievably close as it was would be the next step in my life after high school. This caused me to strive to get ahead of everyone else in the college game. I decided to take dual credit classes to earn college hours as well as save my family some money. Since money is a big part of this world, the chance to save some is always welcome. I alas chose to take dual credit because I knew that the class would challenge me and cause me to adapt to the type of work related to college life. This would help prepare me for college and simultaneously make me more intelligent for my test in the real world. These things added to my decision to take dual credi...

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..., but also a harder worker. I hope to be a worker who is persistent and never gives up. These skills are developed in classes that are challenging and provide the chance for growth. Being a hard worker creates a better man and being a better man is what I am striving to be. My education that consists of taking dual credit classes and college are the aspects of life that are going to greatly help me reach my future goals.

With the influence of my surroundings, and my choice to succeed in this world, I chose to take dual credit courses because they will benefit my future goals, and create a road for my success in the future. Many people wish to be strong and educated but some aren’t willing to work for it. These people will fall behind, and those who stick to their education will not only be stronger in this world. They will lead this world into the next generation.
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