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It’s no secret that college is expensive, student’s spend thousands of dollars on college tuition and textbooks to attain their desired degree. Throughout our college career we as students dig ourselves into debts and student loans, once we graduate we are left with a burden to bare. With how much it cost to further our education, is college really worth it?
College is not worth the financial burden, it isn’t worth the average 23,000 dollar debt. Many of us choose to go through with college regardless of price because a rich fulfilling education is the best thing an individual could ever receive, but only one in three individuals believe their college education is worth the money. In Michelle Adam’s “Is College worth it?” she gathered a lot of evidence from a survey by the
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A family friend of mine, graduated from The University of North Florida (UNF) with a nursing degree, but had such a hard time finding a job in the nursing field even with the high demand for nurses she currently works as an assistant manager at Home Depot. If college degrees are no longer a guarantee of employment or quality employment, is it still worth the cost? College doesn’t guarantee that an individual will get a job after graduation due to the competition, making it harder for them to pay of their debts. As college student’s we are also forced to take classes that have nothing to do with the field we want to enter, these courses are known as pre-requisites. This can be seen as a waste of time and money that could be used for classes related to the job we want once we graduate. Why should a psychology major be forced to take a class centered solely on linear equations and order of
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