Pros And Cons Of Dual Enrollment

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Start the first year of college as an official sophomore! With dual enrollment offered in high school, this could be a reality. Entering the first year of college as a sophomore is a real for so many high school graduates. Dual enrollment offers the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. This can save time and money as students can finish their college education earlier and therefore reducing tuition expenses. Dual enrollment has grown in the past ten years from going to 1.2 million to over 2 million (Giani 202). Dual enrollment is in all 50 states, but some high schools in each state do not have the opportunity to take dual enrollment. The reason they don’t implement it, is because they don’t have the resources…show more content…
Dual enrollment allows these poverty stricken families to send their children to get a better education by allowing students to graduate earlier than they would without Dual enrollment. Most States offer some DE courses for free and the others cost a smaller fee than it would be in college (An 58). Some college facilities and government officials have problems with future payments for the program. DE allows students to graduate college early and it would bring the states more income from the students entering the workforce earlier than they would without dual enrollment. Dual enrollment reduces loans that most students take out to pay for college. There are plenty of state funding programs that are in place that help many students get into college. An example is the Accel program in Georgia. The program pays for all tuition with some out of pocket costs and a textbook aid of over one hundred dollars (Kinnick 5). If these kinds of programs were nonexistent, it would reduce enrollment greatly. A survey conducted at KSU (Kennesaw State University) showed that more than sixty percent of students joined dual enrollment to reduce the price of a postsecondary education (Kinnick 15). Dual enrollment makes college cheaper, which in turn, will influence most people to want to go to…show more content…
Dual enrollment “increases students’ confidence in their ability to perform in college” (An 58). The influence of how many credit hours someone can get while taking dual enrollment courses is also another reason many are motivated to go to college. They have a sense that they can finish college earlier than other people. Students can take as many dual classes that are offered at their school, which will make them want more since they have already started their journey through the college life in high school. Taking Dual enrollment classes help some people find that they are confident in their ability to complete college work. Some people believe that it is detrimental because it will exhaust the students and it will affect their extracurricular activities outside of school. This is a valid point, but some people are more worried about their education than they are of playing or doing something outside of school. Most people want to have good jobs and support their family from the work they put in to get where they want to be. The more Dual classes people took showed that their “Likelihood of experiencing positive post-secondary outcomes increases for every dual-credit course they complete. This means that the more classes people take, the more likely it is for them to keep on going and completing college with the most positive outcomes. These factors influence most

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