Analysis Of Some Lessons From The Assembly Line

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In Andrew Braaksma 's essay Some Lessons From The Assembly Line he provides the perspective of a college student learning life lessons from his summer job in a factory and how it showed him not to take his ability to have a higher education for granted. While most students never give it a second thought about not going to college, Braaksma learned from the hard work and low pay to appreciate the opportunities he has. Most college age students have never experienced the struggles of what real life can throw at them. Long hours with low wages, the physically taxing nature of some of these jobs and lack of job security. Having myself worked construction jobs for many years before going back to college his essay could prove invaluable to many students.…show more content…
This holds true in life as students at one point or another will mail it in on their classes. I 'm sure many would change those efforts after spending weeks sweating on a factory floor. As the author states the lessons are nothing new yet have taught him the value of hard work.
The most striking point I have found in Braaksma 's essay is his realization of what his coworkers go through on a daily basis. Yes, the work is hard yet many of the workers have spent a majority of their adulthood with these jobs. The ever looming fear that downsizing and layoffs could be right around the corner leaving them out of work and an uncertain future for their families.
Braaksma says "As frustrating as the work can be, the most stressful thing about blue-collar life is knowing your job could disappear overnight. Issues like downsizing and overseas relocation had always seemed distant to me until my co-workers at one factory told me that the unit I was working in would be shut down within six months and moved to Mexico, where people would work for 60 cents an hour"(Braaksma, 2005).The regret Braaksma felt knowing he would be heading back to college and classrooms while others spend their working years in the factory and he only spends his summer break there. Workers made good wages yet was encouraged by many of his coworkers to continue with his studies so he can do better for himself
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The authors statements in his essay are ones every student coming into college age should hear. Though it is widely known that our economy has been through hard times, it is great to hear the prospective of a college student learning valuable life lessons. The motivation to use this first hand knowledge and see its potential to motivate himself through his studies is a lesson for all students.
Having myself learned these same lessons at a later point in my life, there is no greater value of that than an education. I personally have gone through the hardships that Braaksma points out that the factory workers face at various point in my adulthood, if i could have gained the insight on the importance of a college education at a younger age I may not have had to face some of the struggles I did in the past.
These are lessons I have shared with my own children who are now in high school and will be moving on to college. Braaksmas lessons of hard work, and dedication to his education should be shared with all students. Realizing it is a privilege and not a right to pursue higher education may keep students more grounded and appreciative of their
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