Why I Am My First Semester

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In deciding to take Composition 1 my first semester in college my thought process was in short, “might as well get this over and done with.” I did not expect to enjoy coming to class Monday evenings for wonderful discussions over a wide variety of topics regarding life and the world domestically and abroad. To be earnest, I expected to be bored to death for three hours a week as I painfully wrote inadequate papers that would no doubt have been equally unpleasant to read. Knowing how much of a contrast to what is and what I thought the first day of how the class would go, I’m very proud to say I have a better understanding of the writing process. The added bonus is I found through brilliant instruction and positive criticism I enjoy writing more, as well I enjoy reading literature. For my first assignment, I took something I enjoy participating in which is sports. I found it easy to write about because through the years I have had ample opportunity to play a variety of sports other than the various ones I choose to write about in the paper. I’ve found sports taught me a great deal about life in general, for instance cooperation, discipline, and overall a sense of belonging. I’m very fortunate to have had a great coach at some point in each sport I had played, whether it was one that taught me a great deal about the overall game or one that taught me a great deal about myself and life. It’s hard for me to decide which sport I prefer to play or watch, so many of them are enjoyable to see done by professionals and amateurs alike. Regarding the paper in itself, although I enjoyed writing about what I enjoy, I failed as a writer in a seemingly endless number of ways. I recognized through positive criticism I could and needed to improv... ... middle of paper ... ...MLA. In closing I would like to reiterate how much I enjoyed taking the course with Mr. Johnson. His knowledge over the many topics we discussed was refreshing every Monday night kick starting my entire week in a more positive and productive state of mind. My writing has improved drastically, my approach to reading has me feeling very confident about continuing my education beyond DMACC, overall I’m just grateful I decided to take the course in the time I did. You do an excellent job of providing a comfortable environment for students to speak their minds, and challenge everyone to elaborate their thoughts beyond a short statement. I can tell you have the gift of being able to reach out to people of far different backgrounds getting through to their emotions, aspirations, and passions all the while teaching them. With the highest regards, Nickolas James Cunningham
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