Why Do Aliens Exist

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The Existence of Aliens There are numerous of different movies, books, and TV shows on how humans think aliens interact, look similar to, and what the media portrays aliens to be like. Occasionally, most will stumble across news articles with a variety of related headings about aliens, UFO’s, or recent known abduction stories. Every person has their own theories and or thoughts on these basic questions: do aliens exist? Could the government be covering up real life “space ships” or encounters? Countless folks have claimed to witness or have fanciful stories that have fascinated countless while several others are turned away. There are Videos, pictures and pieces of physical evidence to support nearly all of these stories. Even more alarming, …show more content…

Most people today believe area 51 is where the government store, and do research on the “alien ships”. Because of its high security, warning signs, and even to the black armored trucks with armed men watching your every move as you approach the signs that say “ no one without a high security clearance can go beyond this point” It has been the main focus of the alien theories. But what about the other bases? Such as, Pine Gap (Australia), Kapustin Yar (Russia), HAARP Research Station (Alaska), Porton Down (UK), and most recently the Dulce bases (A.K.A.) Area 52. All of these bases you can find loads of information on except for the new Dulce base. Was area 51 a cover up for the real Alien base? “There is no concrete evidence to this day about Dulce. It is alleged to be located near the Colorado-New Mexico border town of Dulce. Why can we not locate it? Because it is located underground. Completely Secluded area under the Archuleta Mesa” (Top 5 secret). While there is little to no information on this base, there are a few articles that support the Dulce base is the “secret” that the government has been trying to hide away from society for many years. One of the many reasons they may be hiding this “operation” is because there is new found evidence of an “alien” race that is native to Earth and that has been here all

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