Are we Alone In the Universe

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Do aliens exist? For eons, mankind has pondered over this peculiar question and a revealing truth has yet to be answered. However, one thing is known for sure, the discovery of intelligent alien life outside of Earth would provide support to prove and/or disprove fundamental beliefs that have been held for centuries. In any case, the discovery would serve as a cornerstone for humanity to make the quantum leap in understanding the purpose of our existence. Based on numerous examples, it is impossible to deny the existence of extraterrestrial life outside of Earth. Reportings of sightings, ancient civilizations beliefs, and scientific proof from scientists and astronomers are all key factors that contribute to this statement.

Undoubtedly, with over 10 000 cases, the sheer amount of reported UFO sightings and abductions is startling. In July 1947, an airborne object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. Rancher Mac Braezel examined the debris which appeared to be mostly metallic and plastic scraps. However, it was damaged beyond identification of its origin. He brought some of the material to his neighbours who attempted burning it, cutting it, and yet, it would not be damaged. They also tried bending it, too which it would dent momentarily before peculiarly molding back to its original form. Mac hurriedly contacted the local sheriff, who then, in disbelief, contacted two military officers to the debris field, also in dubiety, they brought some of the material they had found to the Roswell Army Air Base. Shortly thereafter, another local along with some students on an expedition, discovered a disk-shaped aircraft about two miles from the debris field, which had four small humanoid bodies scattered around its vicinity....

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...nced in 1996 that they had discovered evidence of fossilized microbial life in a meteorite from Mars, this was a huge event. Former President Bill Clinton even conveyed a national address about the discovery. Based on the evidence provided by this event, it is highly unlikely that we are the only example of intelligent life in our universe.

In conclusion, numerous examples have been provided to prove the fact that we are not alone and that extraterrestrial life exists in our Universe. The Roswell Incident, the Sumerians, and scientific knowledge have all attributed to this fact. Although we have not discovered definitive proof of extraterrestrial life, science has speculated that over the course of the next ten years, we will have made contact with alien life. We will no longer be alone on this earth, the real question however, is what do you believe?

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