The Government is Hiding Extraterrestrial Information from Roswell

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The Government is Hiding Extraterrestrial Information from Roswell

This paper will prove it will remain unknown if the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crash sighting at Roswell, New Mexico on July 4th, 1947 did happen, although the government is hiding Extraterrestrial information there. The following is a list of terms that may become confusing to some readers.

Extraterrestrial Originating, located, or occurring outside Earth or its atmosphere: intelligent extraterrestrial life

Alien an unnaturalized foreign resident of a country. Also called noncitizen 2. A person from another and very different family, people, or place 3.A plant or an animal that occurs in or is naturalized in a region to which it is not native

Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) A flying or apparently flying object of an unknown nature, especially one suspected to have been sent by extraterrestrial beings 2. A flying saucer

Witness One who can give a firsthand account of something seen, heard, or experienced: a witness to the accident One who furnishes evidence 2. Something that serves as evidence; a sign

Eyewitness A person who has seen someone or something and can bear witness to the fact (American Heritage Talking Dictionary, 1997)

All of these definitions are exact and significant to this research because sometimes it is obvious people are unaware of the true meanings of these words. The meanings of extraterrestrials and aliens have been commonly misinterpreted. An extraterrestrial is something, living or nonliving, which is not from earth, while an alien can be something from earth, but is not native to its surroundings. An unidentified flying object is something that has never been officially recorded. In this case, the witnesses refer to th...

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...mation there, the public may never know what has actually happened without the release of all of their findings.



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