UFO's and Extraterrestrial Aliens: Earth Has Been Visited

The question of extraterrestrial life has perplexed scholars for many years. With so many reports of UFO’s and abductions, what is the truth of the matter? I have read many of Zecharia Sitchin’s books about extraterrestrials visiting Earth in the distant past. He collects his information from ancient clay tablets written in cuneiform, the bible, and many archeological sites from all over the world. In his series of books called, The Earth Chronicles, Mr. Sitchin has concluded that aliens came to earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. Also, that these aliens created man, gave them the knowledge of farming, and civilization. I believe that he makes a very good case for the Ancient Alien Theory that has been talked about publicly ever since Eric Van Danikien wrote a book in 1968 called Chariots of the Gods.

It is my belief that aliens do exist and the evidence is overwhelming. The first example of evidence that aliens exist is the valuable information written on clay tablets from the ancient civilization of Sumer, in what is now modern day Iraq. Also, the massive pyramids all over the globe that archeologists and scientists cannot explain how they were built. With all the engineering knowledge and machinery that modern man has today, we cannot duplicate the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Also, I came across a surprisingly different point of view while researching this topic, which is, the response of possible alien life that has visited Earth, from a Christian point of view. This I found very interesting, and educating, because of the fact that I am an Atheist. Most of my family and all of my friends are Christian, so the topic of aliens from their point of view was enlightening. This is another reason why I chose the topic: I belie...

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...ave uncovered is truly amazing. The fact that mankind today, cannot duplicate the structures built by ancient civilizations is something to consider when discussing the existence of extraterrestrials. These are the reasons why I believe in aliens, and they have visited Earth in the past.


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