Denver Airport Conspiracy

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Conspiracy theories accuse others of a cover up by secret planning. They may be based on a hunch or even backed by evidence. To the curious mind, they bring about unanswered questions that have attracted the attention of many people throughout history. Among some of the more popular theories are the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; the death of Princess Diana; alien encounters in Roswell, New Mexico; and the idea that Elvis may still be alive. Perhaps the most intriguing theory, because of our neighboring location, is the underground bunker and seemingly strange characteristics at the Denver airport.
The Denver International Airport, often referred to as DIA, was first opened in 1995, but the discovery of the first airfield
However, safety and efficiency is not what some people think about when entering this airport. As travelers explore in and around the Denver airport, they may notice the white tents that top the massive terminals. says these represent the snow covered mountains, or maybe they signify a sinister encampment area? A blue Mustang sculpture with demonic red shining eyes will greet tourists as they travel to the airport. Some will also take note of the many planes travelling in and out of the area using the numerous runways. The design of the runways is said to resemble a Nazi swastika. Within the airport are a few murals that portray some morbid scenes of oppression. There is barbed wire fencing surrounding the area, yet the wire seems to be configured to keep things in rather than keep them out. That is to say this airport is known for the strange occurrences and articles found in and around the massive area.
Denver already had a functioning airport with Stapleton and increased only in space but no technology with the construction of the Denver International airport. Consequently, this brings questions as to why there was a need for a new airport in the first place. The runways have been laid out to resemble
The artist Leo Tanguman painted morbid murals within the walls of the Denver airport. The scenes signify death and rebirth. One mural shows dead women, destruction of our world, and a little girl with a Mayan tablet representing the 2012 doomsday which is the phase of rebirth. Secondly, another portrays a military figure with a gas mask, gun and a sword. The figure is stabbing a dove which symbolizes peace. Furthermore, painted are weeping women surrounded by deceased girls holding lifeless infants behind the military figure. A smog or gas seems to engulf them along with dead children. Even more, a third painting shows children from all over the world giving weapons to a German boy who is molding them into an uncertain object showing there is no longer a need for weapons in a New World. In addition, the military man is dead with 2 doves above him signifying such peace that has been brought. The final image is of a man in the middle signifying Jesus. This mural symbolizes the New World where everything is in peace and harmony after massive, ugly

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