Why Did You Choose Your Major

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How did you choose your major? 33 the reason I chose my major to be civil engineering is I think it is going to be challenging and interesting. I have always been good with math and numbers, so I instantly knew that my major would have to involve the two. Additionally, I have always liked activities that give me a challenge and I have to think through, and I know civil engineering will do that. I know there are several different types of engineering and all of them are challenging, however, I have always liked building things. When I was twelve my dad bought a new house but it had a lot of work that needed to be done to it. We did our selves and did pretty much everything besides building the house itself. That is where interest in building came from and is why I have chosen civil engineering. What are your academic, and career goal and the steps you plan on taking to achieve them? 178 …show more content…

The reason this is my academic goal is because if my grades are the absolute best, they would make my GPA that much better which not only would be great for getting into college but would also make it easier to get a scholarship that would help with tuition. My plan is to study for every test, get all of my work done on time, and finally, not to procrastinate when I have a period of time to do my work. Also, my career goal is to get a career in my intended major,civil engineering. That is my goal, to have a job in my field right out of college for something that I can be very successful at and can prosper

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